Thank you for your interest in Wolfing House™ publishing. We are determined to continue our work bring all aspects of Northern European history, culture, art, and spirituality to a popular audience. We are honored that you are considering publishing with us.

Wolfing House creates books and “short guides” on a variety of topics you can browse on our website. We proudly work with respected researchers, academics, illustrators, as well as experimental archeologists and practitioners of Northern spiritual and philosophical traditions and are happy to review new proposals.

Our editors work closely with all of our authors to see the long and sometimes challenging process of writing and publishing through to success. Our designers, along with our sales and marketing team are available to help you every step of the way to bring your work to life and see that it receives the proper support.  Our specialized expertise in these areas set Wolfing House apart from many non-academic publishers.

We welcome unsolicited submissions directly from authors as well as literary agents.

We also ask that your submission focus on Northern European topics of interest (history, philosophy, languages, culture, arts, spiritual practices, martial traditions, etc.).

Submission Guidelines:

We prefer to receive submissions in hardcopy but we do accept digital submissions as well. (See additional details below).

Please ensure that all submissions are properly formatted and obtain tracking information for any materials you send.


  • Prior to submission, please review the category sections featured on our website to ensure your work is a good fit for Wolfing House.
  • Allow up to four months for us to review your proposal.
  • Submissions on topics unrelated to Northern European history, philosophy, and culture will not be reviewed.
  • Submissions not accompanied by the materials listed below will not be reviewed.

To submit a proposal, please send the following:

  • A cover letter describing your project, including relevant information about your expertise and why you chose Wolfing House as your publisher. Please include your address and contact information including a phone number and e-mail address.
  • A brief resumé and summary of your experience and other published writings. (It is not necessary that you have published other writings. New authors are also welcome to send submissions too.)
  • An annotated table of contents, chapter outline, and short description of each chapter and estimated word count for each chapter.
  • Two complete sample chapters to show your writing style.
  • Links to your blog, website, social media, and other sources representing your online presence.
  • Endorsements of your work.
  • A description of the target audience for your book.
  • A short list of similar or related books which inspire you and may be read by your target audience.

If you are sending submission materials by mail please note that submission materials are not returned.

Editorial Acquisitions 
Wolfing House

70 S. Winooski Ave. Ste. 272

Burlington, VT 05401 USA

If you are sending materials digitally, please address your submissions to:

[email protected]


*Please use a file sending service (dropbox, wetranser, etc.) when sending digital files over 10MB in size.

**Wolfing House assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any materials you submit. We will only return physical materials if you include a written request to do so along with a self-addressed stamped envelope complete and sufficient return postage.

Please send duplicate copies only—do not send any original materials of any kind, especially artworks.

Note that we are unable to discuss book ideas prior to receiving your submission, nor can we provide “feedback” in any way on any proposal not yet accepted for publication. If we decline to publish your book, please be aware that our decision is generally based on our current obligations and needs, and does not necessarily reflect on the quality of the proposal.