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Heathens reside here.

Discover books and products for a living tradition.

About Us

The Wolfing House Mission

For many thousands of years, the peoples of Northern Europe practiced indigenous ways of life referred to as “heathenry”. This world view is best expressed through art and poetry. At Wolfing House, it is our aim to provide a popular audience with access to this treasury of culture and wisdom at affordable prices.

A Living Tradition

To understand the essence of the Northern European tradition, it is important to know its history. And while we strive to understand and honor the past, we must not become unduly constrained by it. We invite you to explore our collection of books and “Short Guides” on topics of importance to this living philosophical tradition and its revival.


Wolfing House creates books and “short guides” on a variety of topics you can browse on our website. We proudly work with respected researchers, academics, illustrators, as well as experimental archeologists and practitioners of Northern spiritual and philosophical traditions and are happy to review new proposals.


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